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Game Update 6.3 ‘The Dark Descent’ is live!

With the launch of Game Update 6.3, “The Dark Descent,” we’re introducing a brand new Flashpoint--Secrets of the Enclave--and the first season of Galactic Seasons. This Game Update also marks the beginning of Ranked PvP Season 14.

Secrets of the Enclave

In this new Flashpoint, players will explore the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in search of Darth Malgus. Players will experience a new and unique story based on their associated faction. To help them in their quest, players will be joined by different companions: Aryn Leneer and Arn Peralun for Republic players and Darth Rivix and Darth Krovos for Imperial players.

Embark on this new Flashpoint now to discover the secrets that brought Darth Malgus to the ruins of the Jedi Enclave!

Galactic Seasons

Alongside this new Flashpoint, we’re introducing the first season of Galactic Seasons: “The Stranger from Kubindi.”

With this new system, players will complete Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives to earn new rewards, such as a new Companion, Fleet Penthouse Strongholds, Armor Sets, Mounts, and much more! More information here: Welcome to Galactic Seasons!

PvP Season 14

Game Update 6.3 also kicks off Season 14 of Ranked PvP! Jump into PvP matches and show your fighting skills to climb through the tiers. More information here: Ranked Season 14 PvP Rewards.

With the start of this new season, Season 13 Ranked PvP Rewards are now available on our PvP Vendor, Giradda the Hutt, on the Fleet.

Log in now to check out the new Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint, the first Galactic Season, “The Stranger from Kubindi,” and fight to climb the ranks in Ranked PvP Season 14! The full patch note list for this update can be found here.


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