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SWTOR 6.1.4 arrives October 20
SWTOR‘s next patch is labeled 6.1.4 and is now set to arrive on October 20, Tuesday. It doesn’t bring a new storyline, but comes with a new event, Conquest changes, significant nerf to the Guard ability, new tier of Augments and more! And for better game experience,click Goldseasy or Goldseasy swtor credits for safe,efficient and convenient service.
Update 6.1.4 is currently available for testing on the Public Test Server, and today BioWare’s system designer David Staats announced how the Conquest system is going to change further from what was first revealed a couple of weeks ago.
The original idea was to introduce a better balance among the many available Conquest objectives in each conquest event. The first PTS version brought some nerfs and restrictions to which objective you can play and when.
Player feedback forced the devs to revisit their intentions. The new PTS patch will bring most of the objective points earned back closer to their original value as they are right now on the live servers in 6.1.3.
Increasing or decreasing the points earned per objective is not all the change that the Conquest System is going to see with 6.1.4. New objectives will be added and several existing ones will receive new repeatability status. All in an attempt to find a better balance between the player’s effort and points gained per objective and time spent.

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