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Is it worth it to subscribe to SWTOR?

On comparing, Free-to-Play (F2P) or Preferred Player, a SWTOR credits Subscriber enjoys substantial perks. If you have just downloaded the game, it will start with the status Free-to-Play. It's more of an in-depth look at the game.

You have the freedom to play up to level 60.

If you want to play the origin class stories, you may do it without spending any money. BioWare increased the free-to-play level cap from 50 to 60 with Game Update 6.0 release and the digital expansion Onslaught. The first two expansions of the game are now available for free.

F2P Restrictions and Preferred

Even though the tales will get unlocked, you will still be limited in every other way. Each server will have an amount of character slots restrictions. With the number of credits you acquire, your characters will be unable to function. Furthermore, you will have fewer toolbars in which to slot your skills and practical objects.


You become a Preferred player after you purchase something from the In-Game Cartel Store or subscribe to the game and let your validity expire. The middle layer is where you'll find yourself. While still restrictive, it is considerably better and easier to live. To get this status, you must spend a minimum of $5.

Some limitations have been relaxed or removed entirely with the release of 6.0. As a F2P participant, you can have a total of 350 000 credits at any given moment. You can save up to a million credits if you have a preferred status.


A subscription has access to six toolbars in total. Only three are available to F2P, while five are available to Preferred.



As a F2P and Preferred player, you couldn't fast travel or revive yourself without paying consumables in the past. These limitations were abolished with version 6.0, allowing everyone to traverse the universe more easily and quickly. When you subscribe to SWTOR credits, on the other hand, you get to enjoy the game the way its creators and designers intended. The SWTOR Monthly membership costs approximately $15, but it can be considerably less if you get it during a sale or promotion. The current plan is $13 per month and six-month increments. Additionally, now that SWTOR is available on Steam, you may purchase extra Steam Bundles with cosmetics and your Subscription and Cartel Coins straight from Steam if that is more convenient for you. The pricing is identical.

The impact of your first SWTOR subscription

The first SWTOR subscription will give you complete access to all of the story content released so far. You'll maintain your generated characters and full access to all new planets and areas even if you downgrade your status to Preferred. However, there may be other limitations, such as group content restriction, limited inventory space, and specific high-level items restrictions. Your first Subscription will allow you to experience the game as the makers intended it to get experience.


The term Premium Player may appear on various websites. For whatever reason, the firm chose to replace Subscriber with the more opulent Premium Player a few years ago.



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