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Some hints and suggestions for SWTOR players

Some hints and suggestions for SWTOR players


Here is a list of minor hints and suggestions to assist both new and veteran players for getting the most out of their first journey in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Some general advice to play SWTOR:

Loot for the group

There is an option in SWTOR credits allowing you to loot all the opponents you have slain and nearby. Press Escape, navigate to Preferences, Controls, and check the Area Loot option in the box with choices on the right. You will now plunder everything.

Travelling Quickly

Remember to click on the quick travel droid station immediately outside the cantina you start when you arrive on Hutta. It will make it easier for you to return to this quest hub in the future.

Points to Bind

Bind point terminals may found all across the galaxy. You can bind to each one separately in SWTOR credits from gamereasy.com. You may go to any of the junctions you previously bonded to using your Quick Travel talent, not just the most recent one.

Both groups can communicate with each other via say. They never send or receive letters from one other, and they never socialize. Because the neutral auction house gets shared by both factions, you will be able to transfer things to characters from the opposite group exclusively through it.


  • You cannot modify your spec after you choose it.
  • You can respect your talent skills for credits at any moment.
  • Press SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE CLICK on an item in the conversation to connect it.
  • If your UI freezes, click CTRL + U twice to restart it.
  • By right-clicking on any current chat tab, you may create a new one.
  • By battling enemies along the route, you can start an extra mission.
  • If you chat with someone and accidentally lead the topic in a poor path and want to repeat it to see how your decisions affect someone, press esc, and the conversation will end. When you depart, the discussion gets reset.

Suggestions for companions

  • Your buddy can help you sell rubbish (grey) things. Right-click on the companion symbol and select the appropriate choice. Dispose of unwanted stuff.
  • Your gender has no bearing on the gender of your companion, and you can't change it.
  • The number of companions you may send to craft at the same time gets limited by your level. 2,3, and 5 companions for levels 25, 35, 45, and 45-50, respectively.
  • By putting a look modification "item" to a particular space in the companion character sheet, you may alter your friend's appearance to make it stand out from other companions. Select the companion tab by using the C key on the keyboard. The weapon slot is next to the appearance modification slot. Look-altering goods can be purchased from vendors or received as a reward for completing quests.
  • No matter how low your devotion to your friend is, he will never abandon you or harm you.
  • You may cut down on creating time by boosting your fondness for your buddy. In addition, stronger attachment increases mission success rates.
  • In your ship's or cantina cabins, you can chat privately with your partner.



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